2009 Quebec Photographs

August 16, along Route 1055 near the large gravel pit.

Same Green Comma.

A Compton Tortoiseshell. These were very common.

Now north of Chibougamau, a bear footprint.

Spring peeper.

Another Compton tortoiseshell, basking.

A Green comma.

Another Green Comma.

Lycaena epixanthe.

Skunk currants.

A close up.

Back on the gravel pit road off Route 1055. Here, Polygonia faunus was abundant.

Another view.

Another Compton Tortoiseshell.

A Hoary comma, Polygonia gracilis gracilis.

A female Green comma.

Two Compton Tortoiseshells and some Green commas.

Another view.

Six Compton tortoishell dining.

Beavers build dams upstream of culverts. Road crews place screens at these points to prevent the roads from flooding.

Another shot.

Another view.

A raspberry patch.

A Limenitis arthemis dining on a sugary-coated leaf.

Another shot.

One last shot. Yet to identify the white growth.

A view of the fen crossing Route 1055.

Another view.

Same spot, looking down the road.

Nymphalis antiopa.

Nightfall over the fen.

Looking down route 1005 from the fen crossing at dusk.

To the other direction.

A Loon with her crew.

Another shot.

A lone Loon.