2017 Vacation photographs
    Part 2

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Now I used my smaller tent which is better in rough conditions, as it was very windy, 30 mph gusts some days. Blew the mosquitoes away, though!

The male on watch. These were not as noisy as the Summit Lake critters.

Looking up the hill from the natazhati site.

A view across the tundra from atop the hill, looking northeast.

On July 8, the Musk Ox came pretty close.

I had just swung the net and he gave me this look. I decided to visit another spot for a bit, and he left when I returned.

This is the ATV road on the hill looking to the south, or the way back to town.

I spooked this crane.

A gull flying over a ridge.

This is two miles south of my tent. I was looking for a new natazhati site to investigate. This spot lights up Google Earth with all the rocks.

The ATV route headed back to my tent.

Another shot of the emergency cabin.

My sleeping tent.

The supply tent, with a bear fence.

Some nights the Sik-Siks were really common.

A Horned Lark, on the ATV trail just south of the tent.

Nice gull shot.

A crane just about to land.

Now it's hooting at me.

Another Sik-Sik.

These always seemed to have a beakfull.

Savannah Sparrow.

Near the tent.

This guy wanted handouts.

Now another joined the food line.

Near the tent.

I was eating dinner at this point.

Still hoping.

A few butterfly shots, on July 11. Mostly worn.

An O. bore, which were common.

Least Sandpiper.

This group flew by the tent.

Returned to Baker Lake Thursday July 13. Hugh Kulloc and his son Wally drove me by ATV. Here they come.

Just reached the hilltop.


Tried to get some flight photos of this one. Note the skeeters.

Same bird. This was his turf.

He's about to fly.


Maybe had it with the bugs.

Now chasing a Gull.

Another gull shot. Yet to ID these.

On my last day, the weather was bad, so I stayed near Baker Lake. That evening, I spied 2 Sandhill Cranes with a chick, and went to photograph them. Saw quite a show! First, the male ran and tried to distract me, feigning distress.

The mom and chick.

Suddenly, they were attacked! I thought this was a bird of prey after the chick.

Actually, this was a Pelagic Jaeger.

Saw quite a battle.

I now focused on the Jaeger, which did not know what to make of me.

Spent almost an hour trying to get good shots.

The Jaeger would let me get so close, then fly for a minute and land.

Now the bird is beginning to worry.

Now, feigning distress. When the bird started this display, I realized a nest was near, and walked away from the bird. This was why the Jaeger was attacking the cranes, as they had walked too close to the nest.

Really acting up now.

Found the nest!

That was my last day. Hoping I return to Nunavut in 2019!

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