2016 Ontario Trip Photographs

Photographs are displayed in chronological order.
Saturday morning I spied this juvenile Red-tailed

Milbert's tortoiseshell.  Very common the first
weekend, but a cold front mid-week sent them
into hibernation.

Different specimen, fresher.

I got to Stirland Lake around 2 pm and set up
camp.  Nice little boat launch.  BTW, Stirland
means blueberry in the native language.

I brought my 4 man tent, very spacious.

The campsite before I pitched my tent.

The boat launch.

That channel just past the weeds in the center of
the photo is where I caught hundreds of walleye.

Looking up the inlet to the lake.  The road is just
past the trees.

Tuesday morning I visited an old school
grounds.  Kids stayed here in the 80's and
1990's.  I camped in the main lodge in 2010.

Another house.

Little less care for this one.

This one too.

More buildings.


The main lodge.  The Ross's now stay here.

Thunder Bay Joe and his son standing on the
dock.  This is Stirland Lake.

The boat house.

More buildings.

I fried walleye here in 2010.


The entrance to the camp.  This site is 110 miles
from Pickle Lake, the nearest town to the
south.  Road ends at Windigo Lake, 35 miles to
the north.

A Spruce grouse.

A nice pond.

I like these little ponds.

The road to Windigo Lake.  This is essentially a
boreal desert.

Only good shot of ducks I had.  Probably

The fish camp at Windigo Lake.  Now

A fish house.

The dock on Widigo Lake.

All these lakes are rocky.  This is just past the
dock.  I motored very slowly.

A fen.

A female Spruce grouse.

Saw two of these gas tanks on the road.  Maybe
emergency gas for the locals?  A native
Canadian village is 25 miles to the north, past the
lake.  I have never visited, as it is only
accessible by boat when the road ends.

Parents and a young loon on a rainy day.

A male Spruce grouse.

Same one.

Three walleyes before cooking.


Thursday September 1 I saw the northern lights
for the first time!  Spectacular!

I thought that this sapling looked like Big Bird
from Sesame Street.

A Polygonia faunus, the green comma.

Nice little pond.

A worn green comma dining on the side of a

Friday night the northern lights appeared once

A bunch of 1-2 pound walleyes.  I ate 4-5 each