Xishuangbana kids

The kids in this village were interested in the foreigner who
stowed his belongings by their store and went off hiking for
hours.  I tried to use my camera to make friends.  It worked,
as these photographs demonstrate.

After finishing a can of coke or red bull, I would throw it in
the trash.  The kids would pick it up and run off.  After the
first day, I would just hand the can to them.  I later learned
that they get about 1 US cent for each, maybe less.

On my first day, I photographed this young girl.

The next day, I photographed this young boy.  As the girl
had not smiled, I made a smiling face for him to mimic, which
I guess he did!  I showed him this image on the electronic
view finder.  He found this hilarious, and ran off laughing.

Next, the boy told the girl about the EVF, I got a good
photograph, and they had a laugh about the image!

The older two enjoyed their photograph, but the little guy
just ran off.