Almost every weekend, I visited Wulai.

At the Wulai bus stop.  First order of business is to tell the
cabbies "Boo yao" (I no want).  This guy heard it from his
buddies when I turned him down.

From the bus stop, I hike through town over two rivers
(upper photos) and up a road, taking stairs - a short cut that
saves about 10 minutes.

The start of the trail.  The view toward the road (upper
right) from an old house.  Water tanks are found along the
trail, this one at the very start.  

Signs are also found along the trail.

Saw my only leaf wing, unfortunately, on the tuff dogs

The owner let me in to try to net it, which really upset the
dog, who almost broke free of her grip.  Just outside of their
property are several banana trees where I photographed E.
tornus, banana skipper, an exotic lep to Taiwan.

The trail hits the road for the first time.  Looking back.

Looking up the road toward the spa were I get orange juice.

Up the road to the next section of the trail.

I found my only Hasora chromus on the fence to the spa on
October 1, 2005, as a typhon approached Taipei.

The trail hits the road several more times.  The upper left
photograph shows the road with the trail emerging near the
white sack on the left shoulder.  A switchback uphill of the
previous spot.  A close-up of the road sign.

The trail hits the road near one of my prime spots.  The
upper right photograph shows the dirt road going up the
hill.  Heavily wooded, this is a very good spot for K. canice
and lots of other leps.  

The road continues and meets the dirt road after 1 km.  

The 101 building in Taipei, as seen from this spot.

Another photograph of the 101 building in Taipei.  Now the
world's 3rd tallest building.  Of course, it has 101 floors, for
good luck.