Yunnan Province
September 2005

Tom Shifu drove from Zhuhai (near Hong Kong) to
Kunming, and then around southern Yunnan Province for 4
days.  He is an excellent driver, knowing when to go 3 wide
on the highway, to avoid someone else going 3 wide in the
other direction, and how to play chicken with pedestrians in
Guangzhou.  He is an excellent cook, to boot!

Tom behind the wheel, point in China unknown.

Wah ya beenda coca cola?  Or, I want cold coca cola.  (No,
future cola would be their reply.)

After 2 hours (10 km) on this muddy road along a river, we
went north, the long way, to Kunming.  So is driving in

Geese love harvest time.

Close up of the harvest, drying on the road.

Near Shaba in Yunnan Province, 200 km south of Kunming.